Patty Sandoval Sralla

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Logline: THE TRAVELING CHIFFONIER is a comedic drama about an elderly couple's quest to hold on to an old chest of drawers, despite their daughter's efforts to trash it.  

PRIVATE WAR (21 pages)
Logline: PRIVATE WAR is a drama about a suicidal soldier who finds that life is meaningless until an older veteran - battling his own demons – offers him a reason to live.

FIESTA LATINA (110 pages) * Austin Film Festival Screenwriting 2013 Top 10-Percent 
Logline: FIESTA LATINA is a period drama inspired by the true story of a spoiled 1940s-era female singer who breaks racial barriers by becoming the first Mexican-American on local television in South Texas. 


Logline: REMOTE WITNESS is a supernatural crime drama about a vain suburban wife, who suffers a head injury and gains the ability to "see" violent crimes as they happen.

THE HUNTERS (45 pages)
Logline: A group of misfit agents must overcome their own fears to save the Earth from unseen, inter-dimensional aliens bent on destroying human souls.

CHALUPALAND (10 episodes) 
Logline: CHALUPALAND is a supernatural drama anthology based on the cultural icons in the Mexican loteria game.

Available SCreenplays


THE LAST POPE (114 pages) * 2016 Nicholl's Fellowship Top 10 percent; PAGE International Screenwriting 2012 Quarterfinalist
Logline: THE LAST POPE is an action thriller about a cynical Army security expert assigned to protect a new "rock star" pope in the wake of an ancient prophecy that predicts the end of the Catholic Church.


ANNIE'S PLACE (95 pages)
LOGLINE: ANNIE'S PLACE is a supernatural drama about a distraught little girl who gets help by a new "friend" after her parents divorce.   

SECOND VIRGINITY (120 pages)  Co-writer
Logline: SECOND VIRGINITY is a romantic comedy about four middle-aged women, who haven't had sex in years, who set out on a cruise to end their collective dry spell.