SECOND VIRGINITY (120 pages)  Co-writer with Michele Ryan
Logline: SECOND VIRGINITY is a romantic comedy about four middle-aged women, who haven't had sex in years, who set out on a cruise to end their collective dry spell.

TEXAS DEVIL (Work in Progress)
Logline: The true story of a Latino tracker in the late 1800s who joined forces with the Texas Rangers as an enforcer to hunt down his family's killers.  


Available SCreenplays


THE LAST POPE (114 pages) * 2016 Nicholl's Fellowship Top 20 percent; PAGE International Screenwriting 2012 Quarterfinalist
Logline: THE LAST POPE is an action thriller about a cynical Army security expert assigned to protect a new "rock star" pope in the wake of an ancient prophecy that predicts the end of the Catholic Church.


Logline: THE TRAVELING CHIFFONIER is a comedic drama about an elderly couple's quest to hold on to an old chest of drawers, despite their daughter's efforts to trash it.  

PRIVATE WAR (21 pages)
Logline: PRIVATE WAR is a drama about a suicidal soldier who finds that life is meaningless until an older veteran - battling his own demons – offers him a reason to live.

FIESTA LATINA (110 pages) * 2013 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Top 20-Percent 
Logline: FIESTA LATINA is a period drama inspired by the true story of a spoiled 1940s-era female singer who breaks racial barriers by becoming the first Mexican-American on local television in South Texas. 

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Logline: REMOTE WITNESS is a supernatural crime drama about a vain suburban wife, who suffers a head injury and gains the ability to "see" violent crimes as they happen.

THE HUNTERS (45 pages)
Logline: A group of misfit agents must overcome their own fears to save the Earth from unseen, inter-dimensional aliens bent on destroying human souls.

LOTERIA LAND (10 episodes) * 2019 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Digital Category, Top 20 percent - co-writer/producer/director
Logline: LOTERIA LAND is a dark comedy about a desperate woman who must seek out evil souls for the Devil to protect the soul of her only granddaughter, who is developing into quite the little serial killer. Based on the characters from the Mexican bingo game. Loteria.